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Friends of Wears Valley

The Friends of Wears Valley is an informal citizen organization which promotes the "long-term protection of our natural resources and cultural heritage, sustainable tourism in harmony with our mountain environment, and preservation of a high quality of life and enhanced visitor experience" in Wears Valley.


The visibility of the mountains is our single greatest asset. Millions of visitors come to Sevier County every year to see the mountains and participate in a mountain experience. Many move here permanently or buy second homes. Our ancestors originally settled here for the beauty of these mountains. The mountains are, and have always been, our source of personal strength, inspiration, peace, livlihood, and community. The reason we are all here ... is the mountains.

However, a mountain is no longer a mountain when its trees are rempved and its face transformed into an inclined urban encampment. Or when it's dark, silent, majestic silhouette in the evening sky is replaced with strands of streetlights that wind their way to and fro like garland at Christmas.

We Therefore Submit

A  mountain scene icon  The Sevier County Planning Commission should consider drafting
"specific" guidlines for the development of steep slopes and areas that exceed a prescibed e;evation.

A  mountain scene icon  The density and form of development on scenic mountain areas be constrained to "protect our natural resources and cultural heritage".

A  mountain scene icon  The Sevier County Planning Commission should require environmental impact statements fro proposed developments larger than 50 acres.

A  mountain scene icon  Guarantees should be posted by mountain developers that alterations of the landscape will not cause flooding due to storm water run-off, or that wells will not be compromised.

A  mountain scene icon The Wears Valley Fire Department is a volunteer group of fellow neighbors and relatives. Fire, rescue, and police services in steep areas put additional hardships on these services. Development on steep slopes should keep in mind the safety of its inhabitants and the welfare and abilities of the support services that must be extended to them.

A  mountain scene icon  Ridge tops are the most valuable part of the Sevier County landscape. The Sevier County Planning Commission should consider regulations that moderate or even forbid ridge-top clearing.

A  mountain scene icon  That the Route 321 corridor through Wears Valley and the surrounding mountain-scape be developed under light pollution standards to ensure that our children can still look up and wonder at the stars.

A  mountain scene icon  The desirability of a mountain development increases 10-fold if it is done to the highest standards and relects the aspirations of the community.

A  mountain scene icon  We invite developers who join us in our vision and the future of Wears Valley.

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Let it here and forever be known that the citizens of Wears Valley hold the mountains dear and place value on their worth that can only be measured in the resesses of our hearts.

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If you have any ideas or can offer support please contact the Wears Valley Chamber of Commerce

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