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Waterfalls of the Smokies

Abrams Falls, GSMNP

Abrams Falls

Grotto Falls, GSMNP

Grotto Falls

Hen Wallow Falls, GSMNP

Hen Wallow Falls

Indian Creek Falls, GSMNP

Indian Creek Falls

Juney Whank Falls, GSMNP

Juney Whank Falls

Laurel Falls, GSMNP

Laurel Falls

Mingo Falls, GSMNP

Mingo Falls

Mouse Creek Falls, GSMNP

Mouse Creek Falls

Rainbow Falls, GSMNP


Ramsey Cascades, GSMNP

Ramsey Cascades

Toms Branch Falls, GSMNP

Tom Branch Falls

Meig Falls, GSMNP

Meigs Falls

Photos compliments of Joanne Overstreet

Waterfall Hikes

Destination Approximate Roundtrip Mileage Degree of Difficulty Height of Falls
Abrams Falls 5 miles Moderate 20 feet
Grotto Falls 3 miles moderate 25 feet
Hen Wallow Falls 4.5 miles moderate 90 feet
Indian Creek Falls 1.5 miles easy 25 feet
Juney Whank Falls 1 mile moderate 90 feet
Laurel Falls 2.5 miles moderate 80 feet
Mingo Falls 0.5 miles moderate 120 feet
Mouse Creek Falls 4 miles moderate 45 feet
Rainbow Falls 5.5 miles moderate 80 feet
Ramsey Cascades 8 miles strenuous 100 feet
Tom Branch Falls 0.5 miles easy 75 feet

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